Tuesday, October 20, 2009

At the risk of my life (and this post may disappear...)

(when he finds out I posted this, that is)

I give you just about the nicest thing ANYONE has EVER said to me.

It comes off the back of Steve's 20 year high school reunion, a get together of nearly his entire year (including some of the earlier drop outs) and the turnout was strong. He was able to piece together some of the good times he'd had but has forgotten - a trait of an uber-genius, I think, is sometimes that tendency to do away with "inefficient" information from the brain to make room for more current, short term memory stuff. Just the way he's wired, I guess.

So. To today. And the email I received, after quite ashamedly spending the last couple of days sort of mulling over my own not-so-great-times with Steve and wondering if he had any regrets, now that he'd caught up with lost buddies, old flames, brief flings and so forth.

The confirmation that, yes of course, we are a team. He and me.

Hi Girl,

Been looking at lots of photos and talking to people from High School over the last few days.

Had several conversations on Saturday night about sliding doors and how peoples lives ended up where they did.

Anyway I said it to them and need to say to you how happy I am that I took the doors I did and I have You, Ella and Lauryn in my life.

If I do not email you now I will forget to tell you between dishes and sleep.

Love Lenny

And so I just need to say, when he reads this entry, a big hug and a thank you are awaiting you. Y'know. Just in case I forget. Or snap at you as soon as you walk through the door. It's not you I'm snapping at. I'm snapping at me, being snappy, when I know you've lost a little bit of that girl you used to call Girl more often. We've both changed. Sometimes, on the surface, it doesn't feel like it's "for the better".

But in the long run, with you I know I have been enriched in my life.

And you'd better be serious about doing the dishes.

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