Monday, October 26, 2009

In a beautiful pea green park

We had a special day on Sunday. Steve, the LGBB and I went to celebrate the fourth birthday of one gorgeous Big Miss - a super special friend to Lolly, who includes her name in many requests or guesses of "what we're going to do today."

We headed off to the park for a day of miniature train and pony rides. Lolly headed straight for the swing and wanted to go "higher.... HIGHERRR". Steve hasn't pushed her on the swing since she met Mr Bungy Trampoline and doesn't realise that his daughter has turned into a little daredevil who likes to be pushed so high she can see over the top bar of the swing.

We were treated to a most magnificent cake, one of Alliecat's best creations, surely, and I saw the glint in Steve's little piggy eyes, hankering for more (of the CHILDREN's birthday cake, mind you.... and he scoffed more than one icing covered biscuit AND some fairy bread... he's a bloody little kid still himself... ok, yes, it is kinda cute - if not embarrassing). It was a very delicious cake. A recipe handed down from generation to generation ;P.

The LGBB did what any typical little one does when you ask them to "hold it up for the camera" and presented her very special treat for the morning (IT HAS BUTTERFLIES ON IIIIT!!) and soberly posed with her honeyjoy. Mmmmm, crunchy cornflakey buttery sugar.

The lighting of the candles proved a tricky feat, with blustery winds picking up (wouldn't you know) right when lighter hit wick. It was a moment of pause and holding of breath, until Allie did what any self-respecting, good mummy would do: let the kid "blow out" the candle (which was really just the ignitor flame being held over the candle and releasing the finger that was sparking the flame when the candle was "blown out").

This cake can't show its face on camera.
No, it's really a gallant husband and father trying to shield the wind so that candles may be lit DAMNIT, LIGHT, WHY WON'T YOU LIGHT...

When it came our turn to hop on the train, we were ushered towards the front. Only thing is, our daughter was two carriages back with her little party friends - nothing wrong with that at all, in itself, but it left Steve and I with a romantic carriage for two, sans child, up the front. I felt ridiculous enough, but Steve, all 6'5" of him squished into this tiny train, looked positively hysterical from where I was sitting.

We were ribbed right the way round (it was a 15 minute ride, mind you) by both of the Big Miss' parents, who called us freaks for taking up the spots of poor, sad little kiddies and asked if we were enjoying our little holiday alone. I was almost convulsing I was laughing so hard.

Our little girl came away with a full belly [not really, she's actually due just after Christmas...] and an even fuller heart at the end of the day. She had spent good time with good people. There are, really, so very many good, decent, funny, kind, warm and generous people in the world. I used to think they were hard to find. And perhaps they still are and we have just been "lucky" to be graced with such lovely friends so late in to our adulthood.

I'm so glad we have these sorts of people to influence our little girl. A kinder friend she couldn't hope to find than this special girl who celebrated her 4th birthday today.

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