Sunday, October 4, 2009

I think you mean.... WONDERLAND

Quoting what has to be one of the best lines from the best animated movies EVER. Monsters Inc. The scene where the Abominable Snowman greets them and then gets offended when Mike calls it a wasteland - "I think you mean.... Wonderland!" Bloody. Cracks. Me. UP.

Our little baby ditched the "horsies" for the "tampoline" today when we went to the Melbourne Docklands version of the Himalayas - it's called Wonderland and, really, it ain't no Wonder and it's not anywhere big enough to be a Land. So Steve was walking around saying, "I think you mean... Wasteland" for the afternoon.

But Lolly, she loved it. They had a bubble machine and some kids running around squealing. It equals dizzy-heights fun, dontcha know?

We thought it looked poxy but there was a carousel, so Steve bought some coupons for it and we began to head over.

"Nooooo! Not hortheth! I want the tampoline!" our young charge demanded, pointing at the bungee trampoline set up next to the dodgy dodgem car track. Yeah, right, good one, Lolly. There was no way she'd be game. We've been past these things before and she's always shied away as soon as we've taken her up on her claims and begun to walk towards it.

Pah! What did WE know? Today was the day she was ready, apparently.

It appears the LGBB has a certain level of dastardly daredevil in her, one which we're pretty sure comes from moi, seeing as Steve won't even consider going on rides. Not even the spinning teacups.

What a pussy.

She climbed up with the help of her Dad and stood patiently, being strapped in. Her mother was standing with legs like jelly, thinking, "Oh holy crap, she's really gonna do it today. I don't think I'm ready for her to be made into a human slingshot..."

And seriously, she went so bloody high I thought I was going to be sick. My stomach hurt when she was up there! And she looked just the right amount of green a couple of times for me to realise she was feeling it a bit too. But the wide-mouthed grin on her face for the entire time proved to us she had a blast.

Stratospheric from Lolly Lovers on Vimeo.

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