Friday, June 13, 2008

The Wall pt.II

Save for a few spaces not completely filled yet, here 'tis... and I love it.

Steve's still not so convinced. He's of the opinion that photo walls / rogue galleries (call them what you will) look "messy and crappy". He, of course, is thinking of his Aunt Gerty's attempts down her darkened, narrow old hallway, with the hotch potch of frames and skewed placements.

None of that here.

I love this 4-picture frame. The close-ups of face and hands are of the LGBB - bless! - and the other two are of our Ella. I love having them mingling with each other like this. It feels so unified.

Another of my faves: the LGBB's first Christmas - can you believe this shot was taken with the timer set on the camera? One of those shots where we decided to just lie down under the tree in amongst the tinsel and just see what we got. This was the first shot. She's a natural ;)

Here's my dear old (going deaf and blind now) girl, Pepper. It's my favourite shot of her. Steve took this photo the night Ella was born. He had come home to collect some things for me to wear - considering she came so quickly that the only thing I had packed in the bag was .... the bag itself. He let Pep in while he busily got some things together and wrote the announcement email and grabbed the camera as an after-thought to show me what my "other girl" was doing at home. She was so excited to see him that she huffed and puffed and followed him around excitedly, making herself just as busy. Awww.

Reflective Jazz. A rare moment of stillness in the pocket rocket. See? She can keep that wiggling Labrador butt still. Sometimes. For 28 seconds. I love her when she's still. She's such a beautiful-natured dog. Pity she's crazy.

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