Thursday, June 12, 2008

One month update

Yeah, so it's over a week late (I was measured last week) and I had that gastro to help me cheat a bit .... but my first month of results at the circuit gym are in!

Total loss: 1.6kg (where the .6 makes ALL the difference cuz that's, like, only .4 off another kg...)

2cm off biceps
2cm off waist (damn wine)
3cm off hips
3cm off thighs

Three! Off my thighs!! Awwwwesome.

Now, I had a bit of a test going. My plan was to not do anything different but simply join and start exercising with weights and cardio for a month. These were the results. Bearing in mind it was actually more like 5 weeks, and also remembering I lost two weeks to illness (so didn't go in during those two separate weeks), I think this is a pretty promising start. Despite mentally committing myself to 3 sessions a week, I've barely been in twice a week. In fact, this week is the first time I have done 3 sessions (or it will be, once I do tomorrow's scheduled visit). I wish I had pushed myself more, but I am still getting used to finding time at the start of the week so that I don't get to Friday and go, "Shit, there's no way I'll be able to go in three times before Monday comes round again."

No more excuses.

I obviously had it to lose, for it to go so easily, and there's more where that came from *Mr Potato Head angry eyes* So now that I see where my baseline is, I am going to be more diligent with the sugary drinks and food of the naughty variety. Stop the night snacking as a reward - a dreadful habit I have picked up since dreamfeeding days with the LGBB, where I would "reward" myself with a glass of wine or a sweet snack. Sweeeeeet. Very, very naughty. Very, very ... not needed.

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