Thursday, June 5, 2008

Hold the phone!

Righteo, okay then. Trust me to make a bold statement like in my last post. I should have known it wouldn't take long for my silliness to spill over into here again. How many minutes did I last that time, peeps?

*waaaaails* I lost my Gold Class Sex and the City tickets

The buddy whose ticket I had also bought (on her behalf) also went missing. I called her this morning to confess. I have to go now, was all she said as she went to hang up. We were both forlorn. Shit! I had a plan. I was going to go down to the cinemas, Visa bill in hand, to prove I had bought tickets for seat numbers 20 and 21. See? But that means waiting for the Visa bill to come in before I can do that and we're due to go in two weeks. It might be tight.

I went through every single pair of pants I own, even though I know I was wearing jeans. WHY do I have so many pairs of jeans????? Who wears through denim thereby necessitating backup pairs?

As I stood at my side of the closet, frantically but very deliberately checking every inch of fabric inside every back pocket - I know I put them "safely" in my back pocket, I know I did - my nose tingled with the familiar onset of a tear springing to my eye as I imagined how disappointed Steve would be. How many times have I called him to say, Hold everything.... I've lost my credit card..... How many times have I misplaced my wallet? My keys? My mobile? (my friends probably all know I lose my mobile on a very regular basis, thus oblivious to missed calls or sms's until it occurs to me to look in the console of the car for it after four days)

And then I saw the pants that brought back the memory of last Saturday's outfit. I hadn't worn my jeans. Any of them. I had been wearing my cargo's. I remember now!

Like a kid hyperventilating on Christmas morning in anticipation, I stuck my grubby fist in and came out with the golden tickets.

Be still my beating heart.

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