Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A rate of knots

Yesterday morning we all slept in until 7.20am. Steve had to go and wake the LGBB up, it was going to take me well over half an hour to rush her through breakfast and out the door to occasional care and I needed to be back here for the electrician and to finish off some work.

A dazed and mechanical exchange was had by Lolly and me over breakfast. The kind of conversation where I'd ask something and she'd reply.... 30 seconds later. Poor thing. She's been really odd the past couple of days. Mentioning it to Steve later in the day on the phone, while she was asleep for her afternoon nap, he said it was probably one of those times where she was going through a steep processing curve - the stereotypical growth spurt - and he joked that when I got her up, she'd be able to recite her times tables or something.

Well. It wasn't her times tables, but it was still pretty impressive, as it turns out.

When eventually Ms Dozer awoke, she was calling out to me. Lolly doesn't whinge to be let up anymore; she either calls out for Mummy or Daddy. Or she calls me by name. For a few months now, I've been hearing "Kirrwillee? Kirrwilleeeeee!!" coming from the monitor when she wants out. Awww. Funny.

But then, yesterday, she was still rather odd, as has been her pattern so far this week. She was going on about muffins. Something about muffins - I'd shared one with her before she went to bed - and was throwing in all sorts of random words that made sense to her and were clear to me, but put together were something like "Muffins car fridge rectangle fryer, Mummy!" Oooooookay then. I didn't know how to respond.

On the change table, she suddenly looked at me, coming over all serious.

"You're Kirrily-mummy," she said, plain as day. The clearest she's said my name, as if it had finally sunk in. That was my name. And oh my God, I was mummy as well!
"That's right," I said.
"You're my mummy," she responded, very adamant.
"Yes! Yes, I am." It was such an exclamation from her. She seemed so visibly surprised at the revelation she'd just stumbled on while she slept.

I was overcome. My clever girl. I can't keep up.

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