Friday, June 27, 2008

Dahl, anyone?

It's my birthday today
I'm older than yesterday

And, boy, do I feel it. I had something else to tut-tut about this afternoon when I took myself out for an hour to do a bit of shopping. It was while I was being served. By a girl who was all of twenty. And she handed me my change and said, "There y'go, dahl."

Dahl. Do I look like a chick pea curry to you?

This morning, I read in the paper that the Kids Free 2B Kids group was up in arms (and hopefully getting somewhere) - I do urge parents who want to add to the voice to go to their website, having only just stumbled across it recently myself - about the highly sexually explicit nature of Saturday morning music videos. I have to admit to missing starting my weekend days with good old Video Hits or Rage playing on the telly in the background of our lives. We do not allow it in this house, not when the LGBB is in eye or ear shot of it. Just one of our "things" we are firmly united on. She is going to be exposed enough out there, without us condoning it at home. And really, right now, she doesn't need to see girating barely-clothed guys and girls writhing against each other - I don't want her to learn that's how little girls dance! Call me a prude.... but I am actually far from it. Despite that, though, I feel almost unrealistic, keeping it from her, and that really saddens and almost frightens me. I guess, today of all days and turning another year older, it just really hit home how much the world is changing. How fast children are growing up, well before their years.

Aaaaaanywho, I had a great day with two of my great loves. Oh, and Gloria. Three loves then.

Building the suspense before breaking into The Birthday Song.

So, what's on the agenda for this evening? Oh, I'll probably tidy the kitchen and living areas just one more time, for good measure - the bomb looks like it hit about T -3 hours ago - and then sit down to a meal lovingly prepared by the Indian restaurant up the street, where Steve is collecting our favourite dishes right now.

Mmmmmm birthday Indian.

What, those 100's and 1000's on my chin?
I'm decorating. Any good cook knows you must taste test.
Yes, the whole lot you're given. By the fistful, preferably.

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