Saturday, June 21, 2008

Sittin. Thinkin.

Vaguely, in the back of my mind, I feel like I should be doing something.

I just came back from reading the LGBB her standard two-book read-a-thon before bed (at the moment, it's "If Kisses Were Colours" and "You, Me And The Rainbow", both absolutely gorgeous books I shall have to do a separate entry on sometime soon, such is my love for them - or rather, my love for her loving them). Then I went out back and led the two dogs back inside from eating their dinner.

In the distance, I vaguely heard Steve calling out. Heard the very faint tinkling that could/might not have been my mobile ringing. I didn't think much of it; I'd grab the phone in a minute and listen to the message. It's late - 8 o'clock - for the LGBB to be getting into bed and I just want to S.T.O.P. for the day finally.

Then, as I stepped in the door from letting the dogs into their little allocated nook, Steve mentioned innocently that my dear friend, Cass, had rung my mobile while I was outside.

Oh. Holy FRIG.

It all came tumbling back to me in an instant. She and I had arranged for Steve and I and the LGBB to go there tonight for dinner. I've done it. I've done that unforgiveable thing. I have (while not on purpose, still completely horridly ohmygodIcan'tstopbeatingmyselfup awful) made a busy mother waste an entire Saturday afternoon - a raining one, no less, so her little one couldn't even go outside to blow off steam and probably drove her insane while she prepared dinner......

I phoned Cass straight away. "I'm mortified!!" I apologised so profusely she began to giggle. "These things happen! Don't stress, you poor love. Well... you're missing out on my famous apple pie," she teased lovingly. God she's such a bright, lovely soul, one of those people you love to have in your life. Just because she is her. Simple as that. I virtually spent every weekend of my primary school years at her home, as part of her family. I loved her parents and her sister and saw their family as an addition to my own.

We've only gotten back in touch with each other since Ella died - just one of those funny universal gifts that came back around (we fell out of touch sometime in our early high school years, as we went to different schools and I moved away after my parents divorced) - and I love seeing her. We catch up only a few times a year, but it's one of those relationships that can be left where it is and you pick up again with that person easily, as fast as clicking your fingers.

Oh MAAAAAAN! How did this happen? I remembered yesterday. Yesterday! How did I completely fail to mention it to Steve anytime in the past fortnight, especially when I remembered it yesterday?!

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