Sunday, June 15, 2008

A family that has the runs together, shouldn't ride together

Wasn't it John Lennon who said "And so this is (winter)?" And what have we done? Oh, we've just caught gastric bugs twice already now and we're only into the first month.

This time, Steve was the culprit. He and Lol have ..... very sore bottoms. I seem to have gotten away with the searing headache side of things, but this is like a weird cold-slash-gastro bug, without the vommying (thank God).

Yesterday for some bizarre reason - well, I think it was done out of guilt for cooping the LGBB up for the past couple of days and all going a tad stir crazy (Steve was home from work on Friday - that's two sick days this month.... more than he's taken in four years) - we decided to get the bike and toddler seat setup out and go down to the park. It was a beautiful winter's afternoon, with those big fat ominous clouds billowing up into the sky where the sun was just kissing the tops of them. Spectacular lighting. Aaaaanywho, Mr Squelchy over there only sorta kinda just made it back in time. Luckily for us, the LGBB was of course in a nappy. And me? Well.... a nappy might have been useful.

Before I started feeling wretched, on Friday, I took these photos of Nurse Lolly, caring for her patient. She has no idea what a nurse does, mind you, for we've not started with the doctors and nurses games yet and she has no reference for copying. Must be in the female wiring - she grabbed her blanket and wanted to drape it over Daddy. She didn't speak, just leaned in closely to his face and all her movements became so tender and sweet! I'm unsure if you can see from these photos, the gentleness in her hands. She was so soft, I just wanted to bundle her up and smother her for being so caring. All from being told "Daddy's very poorly and his tummy is sore." Awwwwwww!!! *sniff*

Er, not that I am advocating nurses who kiss their patients or rest their heads on arms, or stroke their hair and looking lovingly into their faces... But wouldn't a hospital be a somewhat nicer place if nurses were just allowed to follow what must originally be instinctive primal comforting urges?

Mind you, it's not always about the patient apparently. There was also a fashion show, where Nurse L toddled to her hat and coat hook at the front door and selected a rarely worn hat she suddenly took a fancy to. She slapped it on her head and was most pleased when it actually stayed on.

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