Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The World: In My End Is My Beginning

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I sat back down at the computer this afternoon to continue my editing work. I am currently going back through the Green Ray manual.

I had left the document and gone about doing other things. Grocery shopping, hanging out washing, being distracted by Twitter and my Ebay auctions, picking up the LGBB from preschool, reading even more blog posts about people feeling left out. I had a lengthy phone conversation with a one-time colleague and mentor. Basically, about how I felt not one but two of "my communities" were in a period of flux. Change and growth. Where to from here.

All that sort of real "these here are changing times" stuff that comes around. You know? And suddenly, everything that once felt all sorted has suddenly gone and shed another layer of skin. And who you thought you were - or at least, where you thought you were headed - along with it.

So I came back to my computer, as I was saying. And I did something I rarely do: I read the work. There are so many words to align, correct, space properly.... I don't often take time to actually read what it is I'm formatting. It was with more than a little interest, then, that with all these thoughts swirling in my head marked "For Later" I read the following (and could not have been more buoyed and comforted about my place in The World):

Card #21.  THE WORLD (sits on Green Ray) - Tarot Card
THE WORLD is about supreme happiness that can be derived from living in the physical world.   
“So the darkness shall be the light and the stillness the dancing.”
The Fool has come to the end of his journey—or at least this part of it.  His lessons and experiences depicted throughout the Major Arcana have now been synthesised and absorbed into a completion so that physical life on Earth can be lived as it was meant to be lived.
No longer clothed with hopes and expectations of what the journey will hold but dancing the eternal dance within the ellipse of the “cosmic” egg, the Fool embodies the truth that
“what you do not know is the only thing you know
And what you own is what you do not own
And where you are is where you are not."
and that
“In my end is my beginning”
The Dance of Life continues in a never-ending cycle of birth and death and birth and death and so the Fool can look back at the past while dancing into the future.  Naked and free from all fear and falsehood, the Fool has become one with his Higher Self.  Our outer person and our inner person are one and we carry the World within us, each of our life experiences contributing to Eternity, each one of them journeying us, as part of the Infinite Whole, back to Source.  Our Soul and the Soul of the World are one and we know, with total certainty, that all we will ever need will be given to us.
This is the end of a cycle and the beginning of another—success and fulfilment are ours.  We are released from past responsibilities and are free now to experience anew.
Number Significance:
The Number 21 signifies the Active Mystic who dwells not in grief, guilt or grievance, but goes forth in faith and courage.

All quotations from T.S. Elliot’s Four Quartets, “East Coker”.
Intellectual copyright:  Peace Space 2011 

How does your place in your world feel for you right now? "They" say these things happen in collective energetic ways. I'd be interested in your stories. Email me if you feel more inclined than leaving a public comment below :)

(and equally as importantly.... does anyone know how the eff I get this 'Like' button to stop kissing the last line of all my blog posts?? It's disturbing me, for no real reason other than it's displeasing to my eye. Harumph)

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