Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Warning, warning! First Vlog attempt...

Well, after five years of blogging and never EVERRRRRR expecting I would be happy to do any sort of vlog.... today, I attempted my first one.

I had to. This Canon HV40 is just too darn cool not to play with.

All hail the people at Canon Australia for offering up this beauty to be snapped up by the winner of Kleenex Mum's Best Blog Post of 2010! Still can't believe I won *shaking head*

But, try as I might, the vlog I had planned actually didn't happen. Well... not how I expected it to anyway.

Are you ready? This is a monumental moment for me! For this blog. I've come a long way, baby. I could get used to this. It's a whole new level of ... whatever the opposite of my previous lock-down on privacy views is.

Okay. Quick unnecessary disclaimers: The windows are foul and dirty. The garden is so overgrown that our weeds are our plants. I didn't even brush my hair. There ain't no makeup (at least..... not on me). So I warn you. But this is it. This is the best of what I captured today.

I'll do better next time. Promises, promises........

Untitled from Lolly Lovers on Vimeo.

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