Friday, April 8, 2011

But wait, there's more

The thought occurred to me that the final frames from my first vlog (in which I am chopped liver and my daughter steals all the scenes, as is her birth right... you know how it goes) were very similar to that of one of my all-time favourite lines of one of the funniest (I think) movies of all time.

Don'tcha think? The LGBB's forlorn wistful longing about wanting to be a cat was akin to the masterful Gene Hackman's desires to "make espress-ho" for his vanished friend. Ahhhh, my sides. How they hurt with wheezing at the similarities. But then.... you probably a) have to be her mother to appreciate the theatrical undertones of what you witnessed in that vlog, and b) have to be a huge fan from way back of Mel Brooks'/Gene Wilder's Young Frankenstein to fully get why it makes me laugh so hard.

So, anyway, I've been holding out on you. There was actually more to the video but I didn't want my first vlog to go on and on and on.... I save that especially for my posts, in writing. But there's, like, a whole further 20 seconds of the conversation. Wherein, the LGBB (that's the Lolly Gobble Bliss Bomb for all those newbies who have no clue what the acronym for our daughter stands for) tries to convince me to do her whiskers for her this time. And then does the silly four year-old dance that they all eventually break out into at one point or another. Every day. You know the one.

Far be it from me to offer up another tiny portion of 'umour.... Would you like me to splice something together over the weekend and get back to you with it?

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