Wednesday, April 13, 2011

"Because getting there is half the fun!"

"Why aren't we flying? Because getting there is half the fun! You know thaaaat!"

I'm thoroughly enjoying documenting some home movies for the LGBB... a slightly less boring way than that which we had to endure. Anyone remember Super-8's using a projector and a blank internal wall as a screen and being forced to watch silent movie after silent movie? Nails. Down. A. Blackboard.

We took a camping trip a couple of weekends back. Our fate was unknown.

See, I've been trying to get Steve to go camping for the better part of, oh, about eighteen years and never once (apart from an awful frozen night up in Dargo - high country - where our little 2-man tent and pitiful preparations saw us greeted in the morning by a caved-in tent "roof" and a herd of cows that all but dragged our sorry excuse for a tent off with them.. while we were still inside) have we been camping. Proper, under the ti-trees, next to a beach, in a camping ground camping.

Until now.

We had the tent already - we bought this with a firm plan back in 2002 but as our special brand of luck would have it, that was the year I got pregnant three times and each time, we just postponed our trip (we were going to go through the Flinders Ranges in South Australia). We've never gone. Maybe one day. Now with the LGBB.

So we had the tent but nothing else. In the week before we left (the week after the Aussie Bloggers Conference), we scrambled to buy the necessities. We stuffed everything in to the car (just) and prayed they wouldn't identify us as newbies when we turned up, scraping off price stickers and cutting off tags from all our gear as we pulled in to the camping ground.

Lucky for us and possibly best of all, my Kleenex Mums win arrived in the nick of time and we were able to pack this beaut little camcorder in with us as well.

Listen, I'm honestly not being held to mentioning this again [side note: geez, those guys at Canon Australia - that's... @CanonAustralia if you're on Twitter - are so gentle when they twist your arm behind your back..... JOKES!] but this is a seriously impressive little hand-held camera. The thing even seems to reduce movement - you know when you're trying to film and keep getting bumped? Like in a crowded concert hall watching end of term dance concerts and parents are all jostling with each other for viewing space and trying to wrangle younger siblings who keep knocking the arm you're holding your camera in? Yeah. That happened to me. The video hardly captured the wobble! Amazing.

Of course, just because I have the camera doesn't mean I can use the camera. Mind you, the editing capabilities of iMovie are pretty good so I decided to go all Peter Weir-ish with the footage when we got home. Not sure if I'll ever be giving Scorcese a run for his money, but dang it's fun to try.

So sit back and enjoy this. Let me know what you think. It's okay, you can tell me it bored you until you squeezed out some angst-ridden tears if you need to.

Things you need to know to, you know... prepare you:

• There are copious scenes of my child in this. If this is going to bore or offend you in any way, just don't watch it. 'kay? 'kay, good.
• Windsor is an inner city suburb of Melbourne. She never had a chance of seeing the beach from there but it didn't stop the LGBB looking for it
• "Her building" is Eureka Tower, ever since we took a trip up to Eureka Sykdeck. Two years ago. Kid has a memory like an elephant
• Lolly sometimes laughs hysterically when excited
• I'm the only one in our family who throws their voice. Therefore, everyone else talks like a mouse. That's my excuse for the awful sound quality, anyway, cos that baby is cranked up as loud as she'll go.
• There is no such place as Angle Street. She is such a liar.

World's Longest Intro from Lolly Lovers on Vimeo.

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