Monday, April 25, 2011

Comments test

Please bear with me, I'm trialling a Blogger comment system (ironing out the bugs as we go... oh, how exciting/daunting to go live with this!) that enables threaded comments.

I found the tutorial here if you're game to give it a go. Please dear GOD don't ask me for any help! It's taken me much of the morning to tweak this baby. CSS and Javascript is tricky enough as it is when it's your own code, let alone when you're dabbling with someone else's hack for a script to run within a Blogger template. Yikes! But it's as good as any I've found and I'll bet the author ("Shams") will help if you give him a shout out in his comments on that post. He seems to really know his stuff.

You should notice that if you want to comment on a post, it will still give you a pop-up window. But if you have clicked to a dedicated post URL (ie. you are viewing just the one post on a page and its comments underneath), you will be able to reply to individual comments. I've just noticed, though, that if you reply to someone's comment, once it's published there's no link back to the post/blog. Er... bit of an oversight, that. Shall look at fixing.

A bit convoluted, but until Blogger joins the world party, it could be a good alternative. Save for moving my blog across to a completely new platform - I still have not seen enough benefits to outweigh the hassles and time involved in doing that, as I'm not a start-out blog... me n' Blogger, we've got a lot of history y'know! - I think this might just work. My housework is "exemplary" enough as it is, without me spending even more unnecessary time faffing about with my blog look. Small tweaks are all I have time for these days. I don't want to nurse a complete blog export. Perish the thought!

Use it, bear with it for a while, let me know what you think. Feedback welcome!

Colours.... I'm working on those too ;-)

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