Monday, April 19, 2010

Bit too grown up for my liking

The other day, I hurt myself climbing down from a chair I had just used to hang decorations for Steve's little kids' birthday party. These chairs have a deceptive wooden curved backrest and I misjudged where it was, corking my butt on it stepping back down to the floor. The result has been a big, elongated bruise at the point where my leg attaches to my derriere and it is quite vicious in its colour.

Yesterday, while we were getting breakfast, I showed Steve, for it is in a spot that I cannot quite see, and his alarmed face caused me to seek out a mirror. Don't ask me why I showed him casually over breakfast - don't worry, we were home, we weren't out at a café - and, moreso, there's no point asking me why I backed myself up like a truck to the mirrors in the kitchen to check the bruise out for myself. I just wanted to check it out for myself, I guess, and beyond that I don't know the reason why.

Nothing wrong with this, per se, save for the fact that the LGBB was sitting comfortably on the couch already, breakfast bowl in hand, enjoying her meal. It's a weekend 'treat' for her, we let her eat on the couch and she thinks she is Lady Muck for two days because of it.

Well. 'Lady' watched me coming towards her, as I was finding the mirror to look into, and I guess she thought I was presenting my bottom for her perusal. I don't think I will ever, ever forget (or stop laughing whenever I think about) the tremendously displeased half-snarl on her face, mid-chew, as she said to me, one hand up in the Stop gesture and shaking her head, "I don't need to see that."

I don't need to see that. Granted, what else are you going to say when you see your mum's bum coming towards your face (and isn't that a stand-out question that will bear some explanation if it ends up by itself as a preview of this post/blog in Google)? But does such a mature phrase, delivered so.... teenagerishly..... have to come out of my small child? So soon? Why can't she just remain a Fimbles-loving, Grandpa In My Pocket, Dirt Girl [and isn't THAT just about the freakiest show you've ever seen??] fan forever?

It's not what she said so much as her gesture and tone and 'tude as she said it. Almost as if I could really imagine what she'll be like as a mature lady of the world. Age 8.

It's happening before my very eyes. The aging of our smart-talkin' baby.

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