Friday, April 30, 2010

She did it again

Okay, so I have spoken many a time on here before over the years about all that stuff in the ether that we cannot see. I know it unsettles some of my readers - they probably don't read anymore and that's for the best, I suppose, if it is something that doesn't sit well with them - but the irony is, I am increasingly aware of things that otherwise have no really good, solid explanation.

I've said before (I can't find all the posts right now, but here's one) that the little munchkin who shares the house with us, our LGBB, is telepathic. This used to freak me right out. I have been asked before - by other parents who themselves have children who display a similar, very open, natural ability to do things that the majority of us closed-down humans now find freakish or scary or downright impossible - how they 'should' raise their child/ren if they are "behaving this way".

I'm not sure if I have ever addressed on here those questions. The simplest thing for me to say at this point, I guess, is that I will continue to raise the LGBB to be respectful and grateful for her innate gifts. I will endeavour to not close her down, as was done to me (and my siblings - hey, three out of the four of us, at least, have experienced quite trippy moments of clairaudience, clairvoyance, ESP, a mixture of all of those, yada yada..), out of my own fears of what I am witnessing or how to cope with it, or wanting her to "fit in" with her peers and so not appear different in any way.

For I am convinced that is how it happens. My father has always said, "We come in knowing all." Meaning, children are the wise ones. And we are systematically shut down over the course of our lives.

Anyway. Phew. I've gone right off track. To the title of the post - what I actually came in to say, without all that disclaimer *up there*.

This morning, I was preparing Lolly's lunch for her half day at occasional care. I got out two slices of bread to make a sandwich. Then when I went to the fridge, I saw the leftover pie from last night and remembered I was going to pack that for her, seeing as she had enjoyed it so much. Not having had breakfast yet myself, I just popped the two slices in the toaster, absent-mindedly thinking to myself, "Don't forget to make the toast." I knew if I didn't commit myself to remember, those slices of bread might sit there for a day or more, such is the placement of the toaster in this out of the way corner of our vast kitchen.

During this whole lunch prep thing, Steve was in the shower and the LGBB was at the far end of the house, amusing herself with Abby's Flying Fairy School. At no point did I mention I was planning to make toast once Steve and Lol had left the house. Didn't even say the word toast. Didn't offer anyone toast, wasn't even sure I'd remember to have toast myself. Ok. That bit is important.

We went about the rest of the morning. It was time to go and I stood on the front step waving goodbye to them as Steve piled Lolly in the carseat. She wrestled with him and stuck her head back out the door.

"Don't forget your toast, Muuuuum," she called impishly. Steve frowned at me, an inclusive sort of "She's barmy, where does she get this stuff from?" grinning frown.

I wavered in my waving and thought, "........No WAY. There must be some other explanation."

But there isn't. She does this so often. And..... there's never any reasonable explanation!

So what do your kids do? Do they have little ways that show you their openness? If so, how do you nurture (or hinder) it, do you think?

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