Thursday, April 1, 2010

I think I am past it enough now to say I miss her!

I found this today while I was searching for some other photos on the timeline. And I remember there was an old blog post I had done about it (you can see the telltale post-tanty puffy eyes and cheeks in this shot on the LGBB, circa 2007). And I thought.....

Where did my baby go??

All the feelings I was feeling at that time of her life are long faded - the angst at her not moving, not crawling, the worry, concern and speculation (and that was just from my well-meaning but ultimately unhelpful mothers' group who, between them, had the earliest movers I've ever come across, just my luck), the bad case of tenosynivitis I'd been coping with but not wanting to make "a thing" of, yada yada yada.... It's all gone. And all that remains is the gorgeous, melting moments captured in the photos we have of her.

We are so blessed to have had our girls.

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