Thursday, April 1, 2010

The best holiday of the year

Easter weekend has always been my favourite holiday of the entire year. Even including Christmas.

There is something very healing and nurturing about this weekend to me. Perhaps the significance on the Christian calendar has something to do with that. Perhaps it's something also to do with the large collective around the world who are in their prayerful and reflective states. I am a great believer in the powerful effect of, for want of a better word, prayer. And to put a less religious spin on it, the "simple" act of positive thinking. Of putting positive thought towards another or something (from your ailing pet to an entire country).

It all helps.

I'm relieved to discover that I don't have to work this weekend. I plan to play and clean and rest these next four days. A bbq with friends in a large, fantastic suburban park tomorrow and we have the makings of a fine weekend.

I hope yours, wherever you are and however you spend it, is deeply renewing for you, too. Don't forget to spend some time putting your own brand of positive thought towards something or someone!

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