Saturday, April 3, 2010

Painting the fairy

No. No witty euphemisms here.

I seriously am, today, going to finish painting the fairy on the LGBB's new bedroom wall.

Also on the list for today: just one thing.... Filling the 12m skip. For the rest of the long weekend, I gather, judging by the mess we have to get rid of.

Still, once it goes, we will have an area ready to be excavated (next Wednesday) and then it's Systems GO for garage and office/work room! Steve and I have already also begun discussing what we'll do for our entertaining area. Given the wildlife corridor we're in (and the backyard full of dogs and now a cat), we want to create another spot for a garden. We were going to go for the rather obligatory 5m deck, from door to fence. But now we're agreed that we want to incorporate a centre island of native garden - something we did at our last place as well, in the front yard, instead of lawn.

This way, we can move the 'entertaining area' off to the back side of the house, which will also mean the views are better. The area won't be directly in front of the doors to outside, but we think we'd rather look out over a lovely bit of garden than at an outdoor dining setting.... Besides, the view from the back end of the house is the money shot. And moving the decking/dining bit to here is a win-win, really.

I dearly love planning gardens. Properly, from scratch. It stirs and satisfies something in me. And what better time of year to plan than Autumn! We won't be up to planting til after Winter, and we need to put down the paving and decking first. We're planning a wide boardwalk with a shallow step down onto paving with the garden taking centre stage in the middle. This way, the deck/boardwalk will be able to hug the house and it means we can maximise our view (which is best over by the house - the closer to the fence, the more we lose because of the neighbour's garage and, of course, the fence!).

Looking forward to today. I love when combined effort sees great change in something that has looked the same for so long. Heh. Sounds a bit like a metaphor for something else! Perhaps it is.

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