Saturday, April 10, 2010

Life with an action man

You know, it's tough. Really tough. He's always so busy. Fighting crime, defending someone or something or other. He hardly ever gets a night off.

Last night, our brief conversation before I retired to bed (I'm fighting a marathon cold, heading into my second week of the dratted thing) went like this:

Me: *calling out from our bedroom door* You coming to bed soon?
He: No.
Me: Wanna come watch the Sex And The City movie with me? [as if that was going to change his mind]
He: *very distracted and matter of fact* No, I can't. I'm on the side of a train, in a tunnel, with a helicopter chasing me and I just found my rocket launcher.
Me: *to myself* ......Ewwwwwkay then.

That's my husband. The Playstation floozie.

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