Sunday, December 13, 2009

Your favourite position

For resting, that is.

Mine is that awfully bad habit of pulling both legs up next to me, ankles together, and sort of sitting with my legs to the side (right). Naughty posture. In bed, I've been prone (ha!) to only being able to get to sleep on my stomach, facing the right. It's caused a crick in my neck that I can't get rid of.

For years now, I've noticed my old girl Pep prefers to sleep with her chin resting on a soft, doggy paw pad. It's only now, when I look at her and feel her coarse, broken fur and thin whip of a tail and knowing that she is breaking down in front of us rapidly so our time with her is surely growing very short, that I have ever thought to capture it so that I can remember how she likes to sleep.

Curled up facing the right, her right front paw tucked under and her face resting along the underside of this foreleg. Her right back leg always gets tucked underneath her body and pokes out a little at the side, so the front of her body and her head are all sort of lying over her right legs. A tad complicated and contorted, but she'll sleep happily like this for ages and it's always a position I see her favour.

Funny old lady 'Reeny. As in Pepper...ini (cos Pepperoni was always too obvious), which became "Lurleen!" the way Homer Simpson says it when Lurleen Lumpkin tries to flirt with him and he catches on (eventually). Aherm...herm. Oh! Are you still reading?

So what's your favourite pozzy? On the couch or to get to sleep?

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