Sunday, December 6, 2009

Timely for Christmas

Hey! Got some pesky relo's coming over at Christmas time that seem to pull your strings and expect you to dance like their puppet?? Or/and those who somehow always manage to make you feel 2 foot small (or smaller) even in your own home?

You never know, they too could be "stuck" playing the role of someone they can't get out of.

If you are heading into this festive season absolutely dreading those family patterns that you mercifully manage to avoid the rest of the year and only have to "deal" with or get through that one day around Christmas with them... why not get an oil burner and put in a few drops of Lemon Myrtle essential oil?

Here is a rundown of this lovely oil's healing and supportive properties:

LEMON MYRTLE (Backhousia Citriodora)

Lemon Myrtle lifts and lightens dark and dusty dimensions of beings, places and spaces. Particularly when you find yourself bound somehow to past energetic constrictions and restrictions, which you may not exactly be aware have managed to affect you, yet you sense and feel that there is a crusty or dank energy attaching it to you. Lemon Myrtle relieves the plodding feeling when one is caught in the ploughing through to find the light in the congestion of being among too much or too many energies at one time. It highlights the causes and concerns of being caught up in genetic patterning of past disruption from family historical structures affecting your energetic wellbeing.

It assists in times of sifting and sorting through outmoded family energenetics that will be limiting or inhibiting your potential and spiritual growth and change. It lifts the spirits of the worn out and the weary and those beings who are seeking the brightness of seeing and sensing another positive day so that they can find inspiration to make change for themselves to move beyond the limitations of the past. The love that Lemon Myrtle gives off permeates the channels of the etheric, neuron and immune systems while opening all the senses of your being. Lemon Myrtle has the ability to disperse toxic release that has become built up in one’s etheric and physical systems. It is particularly effective when one is facing the need to treat the effects of viral intrusion or to simply ward off any such intrusion. It potently deals with those times when familial constrictions and restrictions have entered your patterning, causing viral, bacterial or fungal infections to enter.

Lemon Myrtle braces you when you feel yourself slipping back into the old way of toxic behavior. It assists to help catch your thinking in moments that once would have had you slipping into incorrect or inappropriate behaviour or communication. Lemon Myrtle lifts the positive into your thought processes. It assists and stalls incorrect behaviour. Burning Lemon Myrtle oil will bring in the Divine will of intent, allowing it to enter into all pathways of your senses and etheric patterning. This wonderful oil is the one which will support your ability to wonder anew and bring in newness to create and recreate again a better place and pathway for yourself. Bring this oil into your home space when going through the sifting, sorting and changing for a future new life and, at the same time, will also open you to your own new ‘home space’ within.

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