Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Well... it only took 2 years

...but today, we actually sat as a family at the table. Before then, we didn't have the room.

Not that the extension is finished (we're laying the flooring this coming week, Steve and I - all 63sqm of it, yikes!), but we whacked the big old wooden dining table in there. And whaddaya know? The room dwarfs it!

Utterly stoked. Stoked to have a sense of normalcy back (it's fun to eat a casual meal here and there together at the island bench but, seriously, every friggen day and every meal? Bit much... bit toooo casz), thoroughly rapt that I can sit and work this afternoon and look out the windows at green, glorious, majestic, commanding bush up on the steep hills that rise the height of the entire window, from my seated position, and really blessed that I have a family to share it with.

Am a happy camper today. Life is full.

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