Friday, December 4, 2009

Bit of super-coolness in action

Taking the LGBB to occasional care this morning, I signed her in and she asked the usual, "Is my best friend Makaylah coming today?"

"Yes," I confirmed, for the umpteenth time. "And look... I can see her mummy has signed her name, so she's already here! C'mon! Let's go see her!"

Walking past the toddlers' room (which you can't see into unless you're adult shoulder-height), the LGBB stopped still and said to me, "Nah, she's in this room today."

"No, she's not," I said. "Remember? Makaylah had a birthday so she's three now. She's moved up to the big kids' room, with you!" Her name had also been on the kinder room register. So I was absolutely certain in my reassurances to Lolly that her friend was, indeed, in the big kids' room as she had been for 3 months now on a Friday.

"No. Makaylah's in this room." Lolly was adamant. She stood by the toddler room door, pointing to it.

"Well, let's go in the big kids' room," I motioned to her, getting a bit impatient. "C'mon, I'll show you. She'll be in here."

Dubious look on her face, the LGBB followed me inside the room. I busied myself putting her hat and drink away. Lolly scanned the room then came up to me.

"Makaylah's not here," she said. I looked around. Ah. So she wasn't.

"Where's Makaylah?" I asked one of the carers.

To my (not so much anymore) astonishment, she pointed to the window adjoining the two rooms and said, "Ah, she's in there. She felt a bit funny in here so we let her go in with the younger kids. She wanted Lolly to be here before she came in."

Now, firstly... awwwww at the two littl'uns being such adoring friends of each other that the one wants to only be there with the other.

But secondly.... I don't care what any excuse or reasoning anyone puts on this one, cos I was there and if I wasn't, I might not quite believe the uber-wowness of it. But she seriously could not have possibly known that.

The girl's got a talent for... something. That's fer sher. Maybe she'll be like those sniffer dogs at the airport.

"There's drugs in that one." Hah. Useful!

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