Thursday, December 24, 2009

I'm thinking

• 2010 is going to be known in this house as The Year Of Living Frugally. My recent op shop exploits (where I found NEW gorgeous designer label clothes for $1.... like... ohmygodareyouforreal?) were a boost to my confidence, and that it doesn't take spending lots of dosh to have nice "things" - and what's the saying, anyway? "The important things in life aren't things." So true.

• This time last year I was wishing we had the extension all finished. Some things never change.

• It's probably not a good idea to store your wallet with your spare sanitary pad for those "just in case" times. You'll prrrrobably end up pulling out said pad with your wallet to pay for your Christmas drinky-poo's and not notice until you glance down and think, "What's that bright blue packaging?" as you go to slip out your credit card. In front of the nice young boy who's already in the process of being very self-conscious because of that pesky Glee Club tryout-ruining breaking voice ("When it's time to change, you've got to re-A-RANGE").

• I can't be sure, but I've spent the last half hour with "drinky-poo's" on my mind, trying to recall who said it (and got picked on for saying it). And I have concluded, it was Graham Garden from The Goodies. I haven't googled. Some things are better left un-googled and, therefore, apparently in this internet age, unanswered. Unless any of you know? Or have googled the answer?

• This is my last post before Christmas. Sound the bugle.

And have a good one, peeps. Eat! Be merry! Laugh lots!

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