Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It's come to this

I have a deadline for the manual (editing) work - 30th December! Oh joy! What a faaabulous time of year for me to bottleneck my procrastination! - and a couple of odds and sods jobs floating around still.

I have a hoard of people coming on the 27th. We have reneged on our offer of Steve's family here for Boxing Day (choice was taken out of my hands and I would've done it but must admit to feeling quite a bit roomier with that extra day I don't have to organise for). I am yet to even think about what to feed said hoard.

I have now resorted to muttering a To Do list to myself, most recently in the carpark at Woolies while I loaded shopping into the car.

The last thing I said: "Five hours. Right. I've got five hours with her there so I can work. Five hours. Should be enough to make a good dint. Five hours..."

So here I go. My start point - 11am - and I have five hours to reach up and out there and bring back down some inspiration to do some magical weaving of this awesome work so I don't feel so utterly useless at it. The work? It's all to do with how we constantly manage to fill up our time with "whatever else" that takes us away from our true selves and how this affects the collective consciousness.

Yeah. I'll just whip that up, create a wordful masterpiece worthy of presentation at their next series of classes in the New Year. Then go pick up the LGBB and do the Mummy thing in the arvo. Sorted!

Mmmmm... should I make the pudding, defrost the chicken, or should I
finish reading steps 4 through 9 of the psyche-spirit-soul connection
and how this affects our brain function, leading to a mass shift in consciousness?

What to do first?

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