Thursday, December 3, 2009

Something to sink your fangs into

From the moment I met her five years ago (well... if truth be told, she stalked then contacted me and we were a trifle startled to discover we were living not more than 10 minutes' drive from each other with a delectable coffee haunt in between), I knew this girl was different. In a positively disarming, refreshing, mercifully EASY to be around way.

Over time, on occasion she has ducked her head under the water to grab my collar and hoike me back up from the depths. We've had countless laughs and could talk for hours (and usually do). We've squabbled like two people who love each other. We've stated truths, no matter how scary or hurtful to hear. And still, we have continued to come back together. Like some sort of spiritual sisterhood bond that doesn't break, no matter the days, weeks or months in between laying eyes on each other, or speaking on the phone or even chatting by email - we always pick up where we left off. I'm so grateful for that and I will always have space in my life for her.

And now, she's gone and written a smashingly good book and got herself published!

I didn't know, when I met Amy, that she was an astonishing wordsmith and a genius-level writer. Her knowledge of so many subjects and the ability to furnish scenes using her mind (and getting those on paper) are just amazing. She tells me it was I who inspired her to strive to become a published author. Well... I don't know about that. But I can say one thing - I am mighty impressed and inspired myself, by her and this monumental achievement!

So very proud of you, Ms Ames xxx Love you.

Review from The Sassy Librarian:
"This book is exactly what it bills - a how-to guide - and the layout and imagery are fantastic. I think the best comparison is if a DK book and Cosmopolitan magazine had a vampire baby, this book would be it! You can take quizzes on your vampire style, get advice on how to shop for a coven you might want to belong to, or polish your vampire etiquette.... Gray does a terrific job directing readers to not only the ouevres of these popular authors but also lists graphic novels and movies and series that readers might enjoy...."

Reader's review from Amazon:
"From the moment I picked up this book, I was led deep into a dark crypt of fantastical wonderment! Amy Gray has really captured the essence of what is like (or could be like!) to be a newly-born denizen of the undead; this book is a rollickingly great read, and while both humorous and conversational in its tone, is almost encyclopaedic in its knowledge of creatures of the night. While squarely aimed at younger, vampire-mad readers, the beauty of this book is that it never for a second talks down to its audience - it speaks with an earnestness that only transports you further into its dark, magical world - and I can thoroughly recommend this to anyone who has even a fleeting interest in vampires. It is clear that the author knows her subject well, and 'How to Be a Vampire' is chock-full of ancient vampiric lore, whilst giving a nod to modern-day vampire stories such as Buffy and Twilight. Both informative and whimsical, this guide will have you longing to be transformed into a blood-sucker, and is very much a book anyone can sink their teeth into."

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