Wednesday, September 16, 2009


What does the Z stand for? I'm soooo, like, not up with this Generation Y innernet-speak. Totally. Or... ZOMG... are we up to Generation Z? Is that what the Z stands for? Z'oh my gosh. Maybe.

Annnnnyway, moving right along, we've started earthworks!!!!! AAAARGHHH. The builder left last night, having given us a shopping list (who knew buying timber could be so rewarding?) and telling us that he'll be putting in the stumps next Monday. Er.... Steve closed the front door, turned to me and bit his knuckle like the stewardess from Flying High does when she realises both of Jimmy's parents have eaten the fish that's causing food poisoning. [Yes I did watch the movie every day as a child, thanks for wondering]

We can't believe we're about to spend so much money. But the gains to our lifestyle will be fantastic.

The house, as it "stands" (and I say that with a rather carefree hint of laughter - she's an old girl), is not user friendly at the back half. It used to be an old granny flat they tacked on to the main house, complete with its own kitchenette and ensuite. And that's where the LGBB sleeps. It's as if there is a big stretch of wasteland (wastehouse?) in between her room and the rest of the house. And that will never do.

We decided when we bought it that the location was so awesome, it really was silly to have some monstrous garage blocking out most of the view. The hills are so commanding and so close! With the shed gone [good ole Ebay, who KNEW people would not only bid on a shed, they'd fight for it??! That was an exciting night], we had to just get rid of the slab. Which is happening as I type.

Some photos, if you will:
What we're looking at here is the family room and fourth bedroom area - which Steve has now proclaimed should be the Teevee Room... I'm happy with that. I can keep the family room neat and put a couple of couches and a noice ladylike coffee table in between them and not have a telly dominating that space. Yuh. We'll see how long that vision lasts. At the far left is the wall (currently external) of the LGBB's room. This is now going to share space with the new bedroom so that both rooms have decent cupboard space. Lolly is going to get a built-in cupboard! Mummy is very excited! It means she can stop using the unusable but sufficient for now old pantry that Daddy kindly whipped into clothes-habitable shape last year. And in the foreground on the left is the concrete patio that the nice man in the scary noisy machine tried to take off and ripped the house. A little bit. Lucky we won't be needing that, he probably actually helped the builder by dismantling it. Ahead of time, though it was. Ooops.

And what we're looking at here is one noisy contraption that picks up massive slabs of concrete like they're Duplo blocks.

I keep pinching myself, can't actually believe we are underway! We're still undecided what to do about the floor. We laid gorgeous bamboo hardwood flooring ourselves in the rest of the house, but we're not actually very happy with the finish - it scratches too easily, little hairline, white scratches - which could probably be waxed out, but really... who wants to be doing that and tip toeing on such a precious floor? This is the family room we're extending, so it has to be hard wearing.

We are thinking of just going with what we had at our last place - and ok, it sounds pretty ordinary - which was laminated flooring. Basically, wood effect laminate "planks". They. Look. AWESOME. We had so many comments, particularly when the floor was new, and if it weren't for the concrete slab, we would have had many fooled about what it was they were walking on. Here, on stumps, we'll get away with it even more I daresay.

But now the issue is, will mismatched floors look out of whack? Any experience on this, dear reader?


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