Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My stash of sweet pot

In my haste to make this as painless and fast a process as possible, I steam, mash and purée several batches' worth of cauliflower, pumpkin, beetroot, sweet potato and whatever other vegies I can get my hands on (like spinach, etc.). These then go into 1/2 cup serving sized bags, left to cool and go into the freezer for easy adding to pasta sauces, lasagne, soups, casseroles.... anywhere that a whole vegie sticking out, at this stage of her life, would send the LGBB into conniptions and render the entire meal inedible in her eyes.

So to avoid that situation, I've resorted to dastardly deceptive techniques. Sure, I still serve whole vegetables on the side and these are eaten with disdain in small bites. She thinks she's "winning" by leaving some of them uneaten, siding with the rest of the meal.... mwaaahahaha *dastardly rubbing of hands*

The funniest part about all this is that for some unknown reason (I think it's Lolly's eye for style), the kid thinks it's her recipe book. Ok, fine, what-EVURR, take the book, I say, snickering into my sleeve that she's been so fooled by the art of cramming mashed vegetables and fruits into her meals that she has even fallen in love with the bible itself.

So. Back to the mash night.

It's fun, it feels really good, knowing all this is going to be used (I would go through a whole head of cauliflower, a couple of sweet potatoes, half a dozen or more squash and a decent sized pumpkin every couple of weeks or so). But by the time I get to labelling, well... my Martha-ness just cannot be stuffed putting the effort into writing neatly. Or even whole words.

Hence, the absent-minded Ooops that resulted in The Good Husband coming in to find me writing "Sweet Pot" on all the sweet potato bags. Of course, we turned it into a TV quote. Are you serious? This is us we're talking about here. Lenny and Lenny (shit, I forgot to ever tell you that story about how the Two Lennys came about, didn't I, dear single solitary reader who asked ever so long ago just out of interest....).

He: Is your name Ott-o?
Me: *in stoner voice* Yezz. An' I looove to get Blott-o.

Life is pretty grim if you can't make at least one thing you say each day into a line from a movie or The Simpsons. That's my motto. And I do, very much, love to get blotto.

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