Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Thieving Magpie

One of my greatest untold delights is also a part of motherhood I never imagined.

Checking my child's pockets before the wash.

Now, I'm sure this will become a scary chore and sometimes, hey who knows, it might be positively heartbreaking in future. But for now, I am cherishing turning out the pockets of a 2-3 year old.

Our little Nature Lover usually pockets earthy treasures, like stones and leaves. But sometimes, like this one time recently, it is something rather more sinister. A few weeks ago, I was horrified to discover an expensive bottle of nail polish she had swiped at the local chemist. Shame-faced, I took it back to them long after the LGBB had forgotten she'd even decided it was hers (there was a fierce "YES IT IS MINE!", "No it is bloody NOT" tiff between us when I found it in her jacket pocket and she tried to wrestle it off me) - and when I say 'long after' she'd forgotten, I mean, like.... 10 minutes. She gets distracted easily at the moment. Blessedly.

Today, doing the washing, I found the cutest little pairing of treasures. I asked her where she'd found the rock.

"In the garden. At the kids," she said factually. The Kids is her name for occasional care.

Alongside it was a little hologrammed sticker of, I think, a reindeer. It was just the loveliest little token of her childhood - things that had so caught hold of her during the day that she couldn't bear to part with them - that I had to capture it in a photo.

So, what have been some of your pocket finds? Have they equally delighted and terrified you? Made you giggle? Share!

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