Saturday, September 26, 2009

It's time you all met L.Bear Potato

One of my favourite movies as a kid was Top Secret. I still love, love, love it. In the same stable as Flying High for useless quotes, it was priceless for its countless sight gags and ridiculous one liners.

Steve and I, it's no secret, use movie and tv quotes in daily living. Always. It has literally gotten us through "the best of times, it was... the BLURST of times???" moments in our journey together.

So. Enter a little bear with an L on it (because I'm damned if I will ever be able to find anything with Lolly's name spelt correctly... she'll just have to deal with it, I did growing up and I wasn't affected... much....).

We call him L Bear. As homage to the most useless but hilarious scene in Top Secret where Nick and Hilary are sent to a secret meeting place - "the potato farm" - and they knock on the door. Nick asks the little guy who answers if they're at the Potato farm, to which the man says, "Yes. I am Albert (silent 't') Potato."

Might not seem like much to you. Now. As an adult, reading this. On a 2-D blog with no sound. But to a kid? It was roll-on-the-couch worthy. Complete with clutching sides at the hilarity of it all.

L. Bear Potato, meet Internet. Internet? Stop looking at me like that.

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