Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hey, Hey It's Back

And I'm scared. Vewy, vewy scared.

I used to love the show, don't get me wrong. And not to sound like a nanna, but... times were different! Innuendo jokes were the done thing.

I'm just cringing to imagine it will all look fairly much like it used to, just 2009 style (and less cable-knit jumpers). There is still going to be the soundless laughter from Daryl and his shaking shoulders while he listens to the jokes from John Blackman upstairs, the very ones that I used to laugh along with because I didn't really get them and which are probably going to still be pretty similar. And maybe tired. Oh no, and they're going to roll out all the 'regular' characters like the fairy and the boom mic and Daryl's impersonation of Khamal. And footage of Ricky May. And Daryl playing the drums. And.... make it stopppp!

Dear oh dear. But I won't be able to look away either. I'm too weak.

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