Sunday, December 5, 2010

Who is this Carol anyway?

Last night was our community's Christmas carol night and it did not disappoint (well, okay, perhaps the deafening volume was a bit of a let down for me, but that's just me showing my age and sensitivity to the champagne I had drunk).

It is always one of those nights where I feel incredibly happy about the community I live in. We feel like the luckiest people in the world - as millions of very lucky people around the world feel, about where they live - when we go to one of these events. Our council is one of the best around, from their initiatives to involve residents in sustainability (the LGBB's kindergarten next year is part of the council's program to create frog bogs, butterfly gardens and more, with its own dedicated nominated Sustainability Officer on the committee!) right through to these turn-outs and festivals.

Anyway, enough of my council. Let's get to the photos!

Unpacking all the friends, waiting for this Carol... whoever she is

Officially "Squeeee!"-worthy. AKA Strangling Pa.

Payback from Pa for being strangled.

Strops are on because sweets before dinner have been denied.

....all is forgiven a moment later when Carol's imminent arrival is remembered.

Me and my girl. And her lollypop. AFTER dinner.

Don't let this blinding light fool you. I was having no epiphany at the time, other than the champagne being a bloody brilliant idea.

An ethereal moment (LGBB at left) on a jumpy castle

Lolly was "so, so, SO excited, Mum" all day yesterday and kept asking if it was time to go to the carols. It clearly wasn't. But I liked her determination... At one point in the late afternoon, after the umpteenth query of the time, her face took on a puzzled expression as she looked up at me and asked, "Mahhm... who is Carol?"

My funny girl.

Dorothy the dinosaur was there and that was the part where I was grateful for my waterbottle full of champagne (hey... it might be a great event but, come on, if you have to get there THREE hours before the carols actually begin, just to get a good spot in the 15,000+-strong crowd, then you'd better believe I'm going to partake in a non-glass container of something alcomoholic or other).

Lolly lasted right through to Santa's arrival on stage - which was superbly choreographed (with 'staged Santas' being lit up by the spotlight around the venue.... silly Santa couldn't quite get to the stage without the kids' help) - and then crashed in a grand spread-eagled display in bed. We only got a few hours' sleep before she came into our bed, her head full of "bad dreams" and I was kicked out. No room for the wicked (I had been the one drinking the champagne at the alcohol-free event, after all.... *cough* hey, at least I wasn't being obvious about it, unlike all the parents around me popping corks and necking beers in glass bottles!)

So I took Jazz for an early morning fast-paced walk for forty minutes around the parks and my morning was topped when a woman stopped me and asked if I live here. I replied that yes, I did. And she gushed, "Oh! We're up from Geelong for my son's game and my goodness, I never realised it was so beautiful up here. Do you just love it?"

I had to gush back that yes. Yes I really do. If she read my blog, she'd know that by now! Silly woman.

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