Wednesday, December 22, 2010

How the craft ended up

Can't get enough of looking at our tree! It looks grand this year.

Thought I ought to post a couple of pics of where our craft ended up. It was just what we needed to add some homely touches to the place, on the mantelpiece there:

I thought we wouldn't be needing the fireplace... but I may have spoken too soon.

Yesterday was so cold, it was hot chocolate and marshmallows weather. There was snow on the Vic Alps and it was bone-chilly. Okay, so not quite anything in comparison to the UK. Possibly balmy, at 11ÂșC. But still. Not Summer!
The LGBB would like you all to notice her nailpolished, star-stickered fingers please (hence their strategic placement in shot):

I already told you... I just can't stop looking at the tree at night!

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