Sunday, December 30, 2007

First things first

Seasons Greetings! Happy 2008. Forgive my tardiness of late (and also that I don't have RSS feed on this blog anymore much to the chagrin of many but it can't be helped - private blogs don't allow them apparently).

Secondly, we have counting to ten (and parroting in general) happening here in earnest since Boxing Day. And it goes a little something like this:

Uhn... Taow... Fee... Fow... Fyh... Siss... Seh... Aaaaait... Nyyyyy.... Tehhhhhhn!!! *claps herself*

Thirdly, to the very very thoughtful person who sent the anonymous gift (you know who you are), a hearty thank you so much for thinking of the LGBB. Whilst I am all for the saying "you can never start them too young" on that kind of appliance, the girl herself is still extremely unsure whether she wants to take to it or not. And in fact, has banished the toy to one of the very few cupboards she doesn't frequent. I trust that anytime now, she'll be whisking it around masterfully, but for now it goes in the category "that makes a scary noise so I shan't acknowledge its existence." I'm sorry! Who knew??

Fourth, we have steppage. Yes, after just two short months of crawling, the LGBB is now very keen to step out if we help her up and encourage her along. She is not yet pulling herself up on anything, nor is she mastering the weight bearing evenly on both legs. But, baby steps, baby steps. And besides.... my kid can count to ten! So it's official: she's counting before she learned to walk. Certainly shows where her developmental prowess is leaning. Ass' mah grrrl. Because let's face it, if she was all action and moving and everything, I'm afraid to admit that Steve and I would probably have to wonder where she came from, for neither of us are incredibly active people.

Number five on this rather tedious-getting list: we move in two and a bit short weeks. The (as Lolly would say) "Paaaaay-ting" is going well and we have now painted the front bedroom, her bedroom and the sitting room. The wall between kitchen and dining room is completely gone, it will be finished off by the builder next week. Terribly exciting seeing it take shape.

And last but not least, a teeny update on the book (a teaser, if you will, for I shall have to post more on this another time). It's been confirmed I shall have a new "minder", of sorts, to help me with this writing. Another guide, I think it is. And a female one, I know that much. I'm just getting more and more in touch with where I was destined to head. I can feel it now. I can tell. Closer to happiness, true happiness, closer to understanding my abilities more. Closer to letting so MUCH of my old life go.

It's going to be a great year. Good luck to you all with whatever your endeavours are too for 2008.

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