Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Mistress of Miserable

Note to self: You're fooling nobody but yourself if you think the "Look! Scraps wants to say hello to Santa" trick is going to raise a smile. Or even a grimace that could pass as a smile.

Behold, the moment the LGBB paused for breath in between gutteral wails and hysterical shimmying to get off the scary man's knee. Do you see Christmas in a child's eyes in this photo? No? Me either. But shit, I am starting to compile some pretty bloody funny moment-in-time yearly snaps with old Mr Claus, if the first two years are anything to set my expectations by. And at least she's looking at the camera this year. Pity Santa was looking at me.

I'm impressed that even when upset, she still manages to get her "I am SO not amused" lips down pat. She's such a consistent li'l trooper. And one day, so help her, she will finally teach her mother to stop setting her up predictably like this.*

Oh, and by the way, just a tip - don't be gripping your daughter so tight when lifting her that you take a decent chunk of his "beard" and, well, basically almost ruin Christmas for approximately 30 children. It was close, but the old man saved it.

* Not if I can help it, she won't - I'll be making her do stuff like this for as looooong as I can carry her and physically put her there muuuuahahahahaaaaaaaa *wrings hands*

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