Monday, December 3, 2007

Ah! There you are!

Ok, must be brief.

Shit, when I said in my last post on the other blog that I was being "called in" and needed to shift some of the physical stuff to get on with it... ah, I didn't quite expect it'd start happening THAT BLOODY DAY!!!!! I posted that before 7am and by 11.30 I was on the train to I've Never Been Here Beforesville. I still have an emotional lump in my throat and also need a bloody good cry, despite sort of letting some of the buildup go ... uh, erm, in full view of the public on a Saturday night. Oops.

I also still have to sort some things out and check stuff and yada yada, so this first post is very boring and very, well, simply here as a confirmation you're at the right place. Yes. It is I. Your resident nut job, freakoid, airy-fairy (aherm thanks, Mel) mother to one LGBB.

You're all lovely. And you must all be part of it, in some small way. That's why you're all here. Isn't it?

More soon, please don't gnash teeth til I get back. I just may not be able to post for a few more days because of 'tying up loose ends' and continuing stuff and business and all that. Clear as mud?! Sorry, guys.

*waving as I leave* No, you hang up first.

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