Thursday, December 6, 2007

Things that can't be good

• I saw a bank document (you tend to accumulate those when you are between homes) that said something about balanced translocations. And I though, "HUH?", having to think really hard and carefully about whether I was due for an egg retrieval or transfer or other such eggy-related thing. Then I thought to myself, that's impossible because 1) I'm not doing IVF and 2) last I knew, ANZ didn't offer PGD with their Cash Management Account. Reading again and making myself concentrate, I saw that it actually said "Balance transaction". You can take the girl out of the IVF clinic....

• My Gymboree clothing order arrived today. What a nice little boost to the senses and soul that was. Except.... every damn piece of clothing I bought the LGBB is so damn cute that she can't wear them. I may just squeeze her to the size of a toothpick. Seriously, people, have you seen this stuff?? Brightly coloured cupcakes at the cuffs of dark chocolate cord pants (very sensible, is cord, on a toddler) and a matching olive green top with three cupcakes on it, Gingerbread House pink pj's with dark burgundy cuffs, I Love Candy pj striped bottoms and pink top in candy colours, a white corduroy, puffy, satin-lined vest/jacket thing with faux fur hood. I can't go on. I've never seen such gorgeousness. It's ludicrous. What was I thinking and when did clothes actually become delectable?

• I ate a whole box of Jamaican rumball truffles yesterday. I think I justified it as lunch. So today, I've made pumpkin soup for myself in an attempt to redeem the evils of so much sugar.

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