Friday, January 4, 2008

Up and down like a bride's nighty

.... as my dear Grandma used to say about anyone who couldn't make up their minds (or was flitting about, up and down, indecisive).

Well, that's me. I'm a bride's nighty. The blog's private, it's not. It's called this, it's called that. You can feed via RSS, you can't.

To my ever-faithful small legion of readers who have been with me (pretty much all of you) from the start, I apologise that I did not see this sooner. But it's only been after a firm sisterly talk with, well, one of you whom I hold most dear, that I see I really am not being responsible. Still! And here I was, thinking that by keeping my nose out of trouble/head in the sand/eye on the prize, I was doing all the right things. But no.

It would appear that a steadily increasing case of writer's block is stifling me. My creativity is at a low point - could be because it's being TRICKED, yes tricked, into thinking its only current outlet is painting (that bloody house, will it ever be finished and painted??? I swear, it was possibly one of the LGBB's first words, painting) - and so, I have actually done the worst thing by shutting off any refreshing newness in closing this down and making it private.

I think I went in the complete wrong direction back a month or so ago. Instead of going private, I think I ought to have gone public. Hmmmmmmmm. And here's me, trying to convince myself of my fledgling, awakening intuitive abilities. Yuh. Uh huh.

It's kind of like, I was on the precipice of stopping it altogether. But like my obsession with iced coffee, it's been with me too long now to just sever the connection. September 2005 I started this thing. It has been an important outlet in my life, I've nurtured it, it's nurtured me. As have you. But suppressing my urge to purge was not what I expected to happen with changing it to a private blog. I'm sorry for messing around (and no, your email addresses have not been sent to any telemarketers, I promised you that before).

So, there you have it. The old one's in the Links at the side there, if you are reading this new blog, are new to it and want to know .... "But what happened before she became bitter and twisted and paranoid?"

It's all there, pretty much.

I have too many very loyal readers who relied previously on RSS feeds to alert them of the latest bit o' drivel. And so, to placate them (as much as anything else, as I do so heartily appreciate their reading), I am switching off the lock-down-shut-down-smack-down mode. And sticking with the new blog, which I do still love. It looks much neater. Probably because it hasn't been sullied yet with my ramblings.

But I'll still be me. Rest assured.

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