Wednesday, January 23, 2008

How do I get into these situations?

I got roped in before I saw it coming. D'oh! *smacks forehead with flat palm*

Got an email from a girl from playgroup that seemed like I'd been joined in in the middle of a bunch of correspondence I should already know about, extending the invitation for me to come to a party-plan (toys and books I think) sesh at her place. I was a bit taken aback by not even getting any lead-up or "hey haven't seen you in yonks", having not heard from or seen her in months. I have been missing going to actual mothers' group - the LGBB has informed me in her decidedly displeased fashion that she doesn't care for the children there and quite frankly, isn't even happy for me to go along for the social stimulation. And she lets me know it. So we haven't been going. I've been catching up from time to time with a couple of the girls, but as far as the whole meeting once a week big group thing with the kids goes, I've been out of that loop for ages now.

So I thought, despite the lack of touchy-feely "we should catch up" in the email, why not, I've been invited along and it sounds like a few of the others are going to be there.

Little did I know that this is not a one-off and in fact this girl has decided not to return to work, instead making a go of these parties full time. I mean.... more power to her and I really hope it works out. But uh... eugh.... ummmm??

Look, no offense to anyone who does this on the side, up high, down low too slow, but it's just not for me. Apparently there has been another of these nights already and a couple of the others in particular felt quite pushed into having parties of their own (I think both respectfully declined). I don't know her all too well, haven't heard from her in ages and from the get-go the communication seemed really heavy-handed (but I put it down to just me being sensitive!) and now I know why, after hearing today what the consistency of the correspondence has been like.

I feel uncomfortable about it. But I'll go. I'm too much of a push-over to reply back now and say I'm not coming. And besides, today at lunch Nat virtually clung to my calf and told me I was coming "or else". So I can't let the safety in numbers rule down either now. But ungh... the pressure to buy - and apparently this stuff is really expensive - will be great. Fair enough if it's the best-selling floor cleaner you've ever come across. But we're talking books and toys, both of which we are not in short supply of here already.

Oh I detest situations like this. Shoulda seen it coming but I just put my hand up and said "yeah why not" as enthusiastically as Jazz would've. Hey... maybe I could take the dog along. That'd certainly make it an early night *strokes hairs on chin thoughtfully* She'd love to go, I'm sure. Meet new people, sample the food, that sort of thing.

Have any of you been in a position where someone in your social circle has started something up like this? How uncomfortable (or handy) was it? Discuss.

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