Sunday, January 6, 2008

And STEP two, three, four

In the closing days of October last year, the LGBB made her first crawling movements. She was about 15 1/2 months.

A couple of days before Christmas, she discovered her feet were made for walking - but only if Mummy or Daddy held her hands.

And yesterday, after her midday snooze, she seemed to have woken full of determination NOT to move from her spot unless it was to WALK from it! Which was kind of tragic to watch, given the fact that she hasn't actually mastered it yet nor would she let us help her anymore. Oh dear.

So we had our first legitimate-reasoned red-faced frustrated toddler tanty. It was so sad! But so funny. The way she crunched her little body over, fists tight, neck taut, a gutteral wail in her throat, all in the name of doing it herself. She wanted to get over to that ball so badly. But each time she went to stand, she couldn't get her hands off the ground and was stuck in an A-frame position. Whump! Back down to her bum. Angry tears. Then she'd start to crawl to it and throw herself on the ground, as if to say "Nooooo!!! I don't WANNA crawl anymore!"

Looks like Daddy picked a good week to quit going to work (for the holidays). Think I'm going to need some backup.

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