Thursday, January 31, 2008


Today, I:

• was mesmerised by a woman for nigh on six hours as she presented a course I took - her blinking eyelashes fell against her fringe. Much like a Schnauzer;
• got fed up with my own idleness and inaction;
• added another tool to my belt;
• took my husband's generosity for granted and don't think I have thanked him appropriately enough (because I'm too defensive);
• drove white-knuckled through torrential rain surrounded by trucks on a country freeway in a 110km/h zone;
• learned that I can feel the washing machine through my desk (two rooms away) when it's on its spin cycle;
• missed the LGBB so much I couldn't wait to get home (was away for 13 - what seemed like very long - hours);
• drank too much coffee flavoured milk (but that can happen on any given day);
• weeded the path of my future just a bit more.
• realised I have to prioritise my 'me' time much more efficiently if I am to be of any ongoing use to society;

And on that note, I bid the day a hearty goodnight (wow, before 9.30pm!!)

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