Saturday, January 5, 2008

Asking the important questions


Why does Alicia Keys look like she has to go to the toilet in that new film clip of hers?

It's strangely mesmerising, watching her writhe around on that lone chair. I'm impressed by her gorgeous eyes and face, that naturally beautiful hair, how she can somehow pull off wearing the most unbecoming off-white skin tight number despite not being a skinny girl - very healthy, she looks*. But why the very staccato mode of "dancing" around her keyboard she appears to have invented?

What is going on with her dancing? I really do think the poor girl needed to have a bathroom break but fear they may not have let her and she was doing take after take all day... until they got a music video that looks for all the world like poor Alicia can't uncross her legs.

She looks mere seconds away from doing a Kelly Pritchard.

* I can channel Yoda now, it seems

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