Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Wedding Singer

After an extremely trying weekend with the LGBB (she is getting over conjunctivitis, has dropped her afternoon nap, was wired from a late, exciting night on Friday with one of her favourite people who came to babysit and just generally wanted us to bite the big one, the poor darlin') Steve and I decided that it wouldn't hurt for us to put on a new movie for her last night at about 5.30.

We'd been playing around the house, cagily tiptoeing around our small charge and just waiting for her to trip her wire again and go into meltdown - it really was a weekend of confusion for all of us (she because she obviously couldn't cope or verbalise with why she couldn't cope and just refused to slow down/sleep, and us because we had to work really hard not to yell.... and I'm afraid I did a few times, despite trying to let it slide).

The movie she pulled out of the drawer and was insistent on Steve putting on?

The Wedding Singer.

It was the moment of comedy relief that we needed. The opening credits came up, interspersed with images of Adam Sandler in his role as the wedding singer. And the LGBB sat up straighter. "Hey!" she said. "Who's dat?"

"Oh, that's Daddy... when he was younger," I said. I have no idea why I said it.

Well that was it. She was firmly convinced from then on that she was watching her Dad playing a gig at someone's wedding. And the bit that got me laughing, despite the intense weekend behind us? Steve says to me, "Two can play at this game" and tells the LGBB, "Yeah and there's Mummy, see?"

And he points to the keyboard player Boy George lookalike dude...ette... and Lolly believes him!

"There you are again, Mummy!" she said excitedly.

"Give me tiiiime, tooooo realise my criiiiiime....."
That's me, in the background on left.

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