Friday, June 12, 2009

Toddler conversations: Our favourite shows

Driving home today, I was informed by the LGBB that when we got home, she wanted to "curl up on the couch with my banana bread and my blanket and my favourite one." Very decisive she was. I was about to ask her what her "favourite one" was when she began again.

"Because Mummy's favourite one is on the telly. And my favourite one has Law-weli in it. And Rory."

Ah. It all makes sense now. Gilmore Girls. Of course.

I've been telling her my "favourite one" is Sex and the City when the ads come on the Foxbox. She now sees the characters and calls out, "Mu-uum, it's your fri-eeends." I guess it was time I grew up and moved to New York with the grown-up girls. When I asked her if the Gilmore girls could be my friends too, I was told decidedly, "No." Without a moment's hesitation.

Sheesh. Those toddlers, man. You can't argue with them.

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