Monday, June 29, 2009

Mandala Meditation Monday #5

Today, I awoke at 6am. This is after waking a couple of times during the night to hear my wheezing, coughing, spluttering, cold-flu laden husband beside me. And my teeth ground again as I waited for the signature tempo of his particular cough (, that's how it goes, rhymically, infuriatingly consistently rhythmically, just like that for hour upon hour - sorry, Stoive).

I don't want to be sick again. I am so exhausted from being run-down, I seem to catch everything. I passed a woman in the supermarket today who sounded - and looked - as if she was trying really hard to barf up one of her lungs while keeping her breakfast down (tricky!) and I was standing there thinking, "Why? Why my aisle, lady??" because catching a cold this year for me has been as easy as passing someone with a sniffle.

I have been baffled by the number of times I've had a cold - different colds - and their intensity and duration, have lost count of how many but let's just say I have been consistently ill since March, with little more than a two week break in between each 1-2 week-long (or more) illness.

Okay. That's the backstory. Now, to today's wake-up call.... which came at 6am.

When I woke at various times through my restless night, I felt a pull to get up and "work" energetically. By the time I woke just before dawn (it was before 6am, although I don't exactly know what time it was), I could tell that I was being drawn out of bed to seek some clarity/healing on this ongoing catching of colds thing. I think partly because Steve was rattling next to me (and I was hiding my nose and mouth under the bedsheet to try and filter any air-borne germs coming from his direction, even going so far as to put the sheet over him and explaining I was giving him a "Michael Jackson facemask" and he mumbled something sleepily about getting into his hyperbaric chamber... he's funny even when he's got man-flu!). And still, I drifted back to a light sleep, trying to ignore the increasing mucus in my head and grating sore throat I was now swallowing against.

The pull woke me again. I got up. This was not being responsible! This is the thing with this work - once you know there are alternative (energetic/energenetic) ways of seeing a situation, an illness, an infraction, a dynamic between yourself and someone else, you sort of have to see it to its conclusion as best you can. It's an interesting thing.

Anyway, I went straight to my latest Energenetic manual from last Wednesday. In it, we were given symbols (strange-looking almost hieroglyphic in design, many of them) pertaining to the main types of RNA and DNA viruses. I looked up the Amber Chart of Virus Prevention and found the one for colds. A funny sort of cochlear type shape, sitting on the Amber-Blue line.

I should probably go and further hunt out a Blue Ray mandala and I may do that yet, though time is pressing now, but I was blown away by the text for this particular symbol anyway and wanted to bed it here, in my blog, so that I can stay close to its lesson (for me). I thought I would share it if only as part of my ongoing "story" of discovery along these Universal/Energenetic/Colour Healing lines and to sort of document it, if in fact I manage to stick to the correct procedure/s and do a complete and effective 'viral vacuum' and rid myself of being so prone to this particular type of affliction.

I won't give the symbol, as I am not permitted to do so at this stage. But the text is what is so amazing, anyway, as when I read it, I could have sworn it had been written directly to me at this point in my life... Makes so much sense, you know when things you read seem to be speaking directly to you? Such a gift to be able to be reminded in this way of the things we surely all innately, anciently know.


May you once again hear the conviction of your faith that will provide you with a protective sheath of hope and the discipline with which to hold the hopes of many. The burden of knowing you have let many down in the past has dawned grey skies for your ideals. You must rise above the suffering you have long experienced because of your "wagering" hope. This suffering, however, has rightly earned you the duty of being consistent in your responsibility towards your spiritual cause. You can gain some relief from the long walk by closing the door against your lengthy concentration on yourself and your own lack. Realise that humour and light heartedness are the voices of the free spirit. If you can bring yourself to give from your free-spirited heart rather than from the burden of duty, you will find your walk in life is lighter and far less burdensome.

Here you have spent many lifetimes enduring learning from every facet of your soul's chosen lesson and the concerns that show up at this point will span many lifetimes of your experiencing repetition of the same energenetic patterns. Drawing your gifts and abilities from all of this will be very draining for you and this could cause you to hesitate meeting the final clause of your spiritual cause. If you close the door to the burdening pattern of these many lifetimes, you will begin to experience the enlivenment of one who, after a long journey, sees the lights of home in the near distance. Give yourself, this weary traveller, the refreshment of aspiration with this Symbol!

Now, many of you reading may not know me on a deeper level than by way of this blog. What makes me tick - really - but I have to say, that previous passage there just about sums me up at this moment in time. I have said so many times of late that I am "stuck" - mostly pertaining to writing my book - and to know me also knows this great burden I seem to lug around, as if I am the world's worst because of one trespass I may have made however many moons ago.

It has worn me/ground me down to this point. And I am so grateful to be given this focus in written form, which I have sought out myself and not been handed on a platter by anyone doing my want for wellness for me. I don't know if this means the end of colds (or at least, so many or at least... until the end of the year *sob* one can only hope). Regardless, I have something to hold myself up to for the next while. A point of reference for where I am now. And a glimmer of insight into why and how I have come to be where I am.

This is why I love this other work that I do so much. For these pearls of wisdom. A "simple" series of colds and poor timing of opening my mouth and breathing in it may be to some. But to me, it is a tangible, obvious signal that times are a-changing for me. The same realisations are really there for everyone, if they choose to do the work and seek the answers. (Mind you, I could also just keep soldiering on with Codral through them all, too! I am just a glutton for hard work and truth-seeking and prefer to do it this way)

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