Monday, June 15, 2009

Mandala Meditation Monday #4

Upstairs told me to work with this mandala today before I even rose for the day.

"Number 22" was what I heard. I've just gone and found it, I guess it's today's Monday Meditation Mandala!

I've been working on my book today, steeped in concentration. I only stopped just now because, well, one "duty" called and I had to use the bathroom, but secondly, I felt like I needed a breather. It's heavy going. I just went past Ellanor's birth (in the book) and I gave myself the time to read it again. Hahhh. Beautiful, but ... well, you know. To come in here and read this has just been so mind-blowing in its confirmation and encouragement, not only that I pulled the right one out for me for today but also in its practical application. I have definitely taken my breather, utilising it, and feel ready and filled up again. I'm going to put it in to my pattern and let it carry me today. I find Blue ones really do that anyway.

So here is today's mandala and meditation. It's pretty self-explanatory (I can certainly see its pertinence for me today) and I hope one of you gets something nurturing from it too. You can ask for the stone essence to be placed in your pattern, you can read the words, you can look at the mandala pattern... feel free to do any and all (or none, or something different) those things. Mostly, whatever you're doing and wherever you are today, I hope you're treating yourself well.


the colour of...SPECTRUM BLUE
the sound chord of …D minor
the essence of...ALBITE...Associated with maturity and balancing for those involved in furthering the spiritual development of others, ALBITE keeps one from becoming martyred, overly involved and depreciative of oneself and aids the expression of grief. It helps activate feminine qualities. ALBITE assists in the assimilation of silica and silicon and strengthens the spleen and thymus. It especially strengthens the lungs, increasing their oxygenation (so reducing susceptibility to respiratory ills) and treating skin and blood disorders that require increased oxygenation. ALBITE restimulates the immune system and aligns the neurological aspects of the spine.

While you are working within group-consciousness on issues pertaining to your Spirit-led social cause, this Mandala will assist you to shift your old social patternings and stand in the integrity of your truth. This Mandala will help you stand in the strength of your beliefs and views, whilst you are in the midst of all your social interactions, so that you are not intruded upon or overwhelmed by the effect that another’s truth has upon you. This will be particularly important when your new learning and understanding require that you steadily close old ways and “do as you must do” whilst, at the same time, allow others to do as they must do.

Here you will find that your old emotional bonds will have to be broken, so that your keenness to genuinely care-take becomes your opportunity to contribute to your spiritual cause. Your feelings will monitor the signals you receive from your senses and, if your emotional reactions emanate from a healthy self-acceptance, your service to your cause can then flow smoothly and effectively. Your contract of being a sensitive in a physical world is about being aware, single-minded and willing to undergo a passage of experience with compassion and in faithful trust.

This Mandala will indicate that you need to contain your care towards your service. If you maintain your stability in this area, optimum results will be produced from your care. If, however, you feel overburdened by work or caring, this Mandala will lift you from this shadow by uniting the care you carry with your higher ideals. This will give you the sense that your conscious self is connected with your higher knowing. This Mandala will activate your sensibility and your onus to your service and separate you from presuming to own the curative process.

This Mandala will call upon the coolness of the energy of the Female Christ Consciousness to bathe the wounds, despair and suffering of the world. And it will cup the waters of your caring to pool your peaceful healing flow so that you can carefully consider what your cause really is.

The perceptional state represented by this Mandala will also help prevent your becoming caught in the net of seeking admiration, or adoration, because of your spiritual commitment, or reefed upon the hooks of others’ expectations or manipulations. You will have to be very sure that you provide yourself with much space in which to evaluate your service. The peace of your placement will ensure you a steady passage and this will provide for your personal pleasure as well as your purpose.

The procession of your expression of caring will require your mind to be open so that you can push beyond the boundaries of your old procedures. It will also require you to have a pliable affinity with the "old way” (of physical law) and the "new way" (of spiritual lore). The wisdom that will be returned to you from the way you have worked with both physical law and spiritual lore will dawn your androgynous♥ care to the world. You should honour every method, for they all meet eventually.

♥ i.e., non co-dependent

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