Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Going quite out of my mind

I did something to my back on Saturday. I worked solidly at the computer over Thursday and Friday to complete some editing work I had been assigned. I was lazy about the setup of my arms-chair posture (a certain reader will be well aware of the ideal posture and could probably repeat it on command, as can I, having worked for this same client - an Occupational Therapist - for over four years!).

I should have known, after all these years with this weakened back (damnit, it was fine before that car accident when I was 19!!), that I don't get away with things like shitty posture for any length of time. I should have taken more care. But even I could not have known that it would result in swelling in one of my middle vertebrae that feel like my spine has been stuffed with a sock over an area at least 5cm long. I've got intermittent pain that ranges from sharp stabs and dull throbs through to tingling and prickling sensations that are shooting from that area to my back and, more scary, to my fingers. Plus this weird muscle tightening down one leg and into my ankle. Add to this the fact that I can't stay in one position (get comfortable) for more than about a minute at a time and I'd say confidently I've definitely got a nerve involved, at least one.

Usually, I truck right on through a good dose of ol' back pain, but not this time. It doesn't happen often but about once a year, I do get afflicted like this from some sort of postural or repetitive strain injury. So, no.... nothing "romantic" or adventurous like bedroom acrobatics can be attributed to the cause, I'm afraid. Sorry to disappoint ;P

I am just slowly going out of my brain, though. I have a good knack, usually, for compartmentalising discomfort - kind of a pain (of the physical or emotional kind) management technique, I guess - but this is too huge for my mind to overcome and just breathe through til it passes. I did try drugs for it (Nurofen Plus did NUTTIN' and neither did the Panadeine) and now, four days later, even hotpacks are not doing much. The masseuse I managed to secure an appointment with at 10.30 today cancelled on me. At 9.30. I shed a little silent tear hearing her voice message.

So now, I am eagerly anticipating having some of this pain and pressure eased at 6 o'clock tonight at my rescheduled appointment. Please, please, please let it be treatable in one session..... I know. I'm thinking wishfully, but I live in hope.

And added to this injury is the fact that I will be making my drive up to Peace Space tomorrow at 6.30am for a 13 hour day - Energenetics III is on.

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