Monday, March 2, 2009

The face I got when I said...

"No more (BLEEPING) Beyoncé concerts!!!!"

I'm not even kidding (oh, 'cept about saying the "bleeping" bit). This is the 'tude I got. And don't you love the dangly bits on her ponytail? Goes with the snazzy headband she wore on the weekend, I think. Gosh some people have talent! (Special mention to the lip gloss, by the way, it was the first time I've acceded and let her actually put some of mine on.... I think that's why she never wanted this day to end. I also painted her toenails. She has since shown ev-er-y-one her toes, even takes her shoes off and waits, one foot in the air like a horse waiting to be shod - I'll look down while I'm being served at a counter somewhere, wondering why she's wobbling about holding onto me - yep, foot up, shoe off, ready and patiently waiting to show the store attendant. Awwwww!)

The Sulking Twonager
...after an afternoon of twirling and engaging, interpretive body girating that was apparently supposed to never end. I ruin all her fun. Already.

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